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Dont Worry, Im Still Alive: Update and Apology

It’s been a long time and thanks to a really bad event happening in my life, i have neglected writing about games for a good while now while i get my life back together. However, The Nicest Yoshi in Yoshi’s Island is here again, drinking his coffee (tea if YoshiMart runs out, AGAIN), staring at his device (WordPress can be used on a lot of things now, maybe even one day you can write a blog on a tennis racket? I dunno) and now, i am ready to finally do this comeback. My aim is and will always be to share my passion of gaming with whoever reads this and no matter what, i will do this. All i can say is that i am sorry. However, im feeling more able now and more confident than ever that you can never keep a good Yoshi down as he just Flutter Jumps back up. Get ready, because i am now back and yes, GreenEgg Racing Team HAS STILL REJECTED MY APPLICATION. Ahem.. I will be now posting reviews, gaming related talk and more! It is going to be…..

Yoshirific! (^..^)

NiceGuy Island?! A Yoshi’s insight to Minecraft!

NiceGuy Island?! A Yoshi’s insight to Minecraft!

Hel-Yoshi again everyone! I’m back to talk about games from the comfort of my chair while drinking Flutter Jump branded coffee and of course, making sure that you guys have something Yoshirific to read! Continue reading “NiceGuy Island?! A Yoshi’s insight to Minecraft!”

A Nice little Introduction

Well hello there and its Nice to meet you! I’m The NiceGuy and I am here to give you a introduction to this new blog that I will be writing! My interests vary from computers, wrestling, watching YouTube channels and Twitch streams and of course, video games! Ever since i was a kid, video games have always been in my life and now i have a chance to talk to others about how awesome they are. Expect to see random talk about games and stuff and my take on current gaming news here! I also happen to be a big Yoshi fanatic too so yeah, expect to hear Yoshi talk too. Now that’s out of the way, this has been The NiceGuy and I hope you enjoy the content that I will be posting soon! 😀