Pokemon Egg Green: A Yoshi’s tale about Pokemon

Ah Pokemon. Im sure that almost everyone who has owned a handheld Nintendo console would have played a Pokemon game at some point. My first experience with Pokemon was playing Pokemon Yellow as a young Yoshi and while it was difficult due to having to start with a Pikachu and having to grind to order to defeat Brock as Electric Types don’t do well against Rock types, it was still a really great game and while I may be older now I still play Pokemon games because well, they are simply Yoshirific! Continue reading

Game Boy Yoshi: Looking back at the Game Boy

All you seem to hear about these days is current generation consoles. I understand of course as these days everyone loves reading about Microsoft versus Sony as these two gaming juggernauts battle over which console is mightier: the Xbox One or the PS4 with Nintendo’s NX slowly creeping into view as the Wii U tries to figure out a surprise attack. I of course like to hear about it too but there are times when I don the rose-tinted spectacles and seek to learn about the consoles of yore. One classic handheld for example is one that I will always cherish to this day: the Game Boy. Continue reading

Quests, loot, permadeath?! Roguelikes explained, NiceGuy Style!

Sorry for not posting any blogs for a week (blame catching a cold and not having a schedule for that! :P) but don’t worry, as the jumper wearing Yoshi is back to tell you all about Roguelikes! Not content with being a normal RPG, Roguelikes add to the challenge by throwing in randomly generated areas and dungeons and of course permadeath, where death is punished by literally having to start the game all over again, even if you saved the game before Death City happened to get a new resident. What’s the point of making the game more difficult for the player some of you may cry? Well, its simply because people love playing games that pose a challenge and as Roguelikes tend to be more difficult than a standard RPG, people will strive to complete them, plain and simple. Continue reading