The return of the HyperBlog: Trading Card Dragonite

Hullo! Hyperpulse here! Don’t worry, NiceGuy will still make blogs in TheNiceBlogger but he thought that since I used to make Pokemon blogs, it’s about time this Dragonite made a comeback! Here in my cave that is far away from any surfing route (thank Arceus!) I tend to look back at all the great Pokemon games that were made because not only is it a great way to hide from those annoying Trainers, but I will always have fond memories playing them when I was just a Dratini. Continue reading

Pokemon Egg Green: A Yoshi’s tale about Pokemon

Ah Pokemon. Im sure that almost everyone who has owned a handheld Nintendo console would have played a Pokemon game at some point. My first experience with Pokemon was playing Pokemon Yellow as a young Yoshi and while it was difficult due to having to start with a Pikachu and having to grind to order to defeat Brock as Electric Types don’t do well against Rock types, it was still a really great game and while I may be older now I still play Pokemon games because well, they are simply Yoshirific! Continue reading