NiceGuy Surprise #3: The Yoshi Racing Scene

So, I take it you remember that my application to join the Green Egg Racing team was rejected right? I’m still annoyed by it to be honest.  Its a good thing that there are many other racing teams in Yoshi’s Island then! Ever since Yoshi appeared in Mario Kart, Yoshi’s like me have had a keen interest in racing ever since and its not just carting too! While there is a Egg Cart league where Yoshi’s compete in Go-Kart style races there is also the Fruit Racing Championship and that my friends is what i want to race in. You see when I was small I’ve always had a passion for racing and ended up competing in the ECL and actually winning it as well. So now I’m older I really want to enter the FRC now because the cars used in that are amazing! (I would post a picture but I’ve seem to have misplaced my memory stick somewhere in the house. I’ll have to find it! :P) This is where the problem lies unfortunately as I haven’t been racing in a while and apparently there’s a rule where you need to have participated in the Cucumber Cup at least once. Well nobody told me! Ugghh, It makes me want to throw eggs everywhere again, but I shouldn’t as I’ve already been temporarily banned from the local Cafe because of this already. (While its okay to throw eggs at Shy Guys and Goombas it turns out it’s an offence to throw an egg at a Yoshi unless its during a fighting tournament.) Oh well while I wanted to test my mettle In the Yoshi’s Canyon circuit, I can just race through it on Mario Kart right?