NiceGuy Surprise #2: How Yoshi’s deal with the Nintendo Influence.

If you are reading this then you must have read the first hidden post! If not then fair enough! XD

Ever since Super Mario World, Yoshi’s are now known all over the world and while we didnt really embrace the exposure at first as we would have preferred to stay hidden its now become easier to cope with. I’m not blaming Yoshi for wanting to step out of Mario’s spotlight by revealing the Yoshi’s Island story to Nintendo (after all it became a best seller on the SNES!) but you can see why at first many Yoshi’s disagreed with it. While its awesome that we were able to save baby Mario and Luigi from baby Bowser it felt like something that shouldn’t have been broadcasted but due to the success of the game, Yoshi was able to step out of Mario’s shadow and because of all the positives that came out of that Yoshi became a celebrity and now, Yoshi’s Island is now finally prepared to open the Island for tourism. While we prefer to keep our lives private from the rest of the world, why shouldn’t we make some money out of it? XD