NiceGuy Surprise #1: Flutter Jump Coffee?!

Hello! If you have stumbled upon this hidden post then congratulations! This post is one of several hidden ones that I have carefully hidden inside my blog for sleuths like you to find so keep an eye out you budding Sherlock as there’s more where that came from! (^..^)

Where did my obsession for Flutter Jump Coffee spring from you ask? Well it was some time ago when I was preparing my first blog post. I was about to start writing when I realised that I didn’t have any coffee. Well I started to panic as every blogger or author knows that in order to start writing, coffee is desperately needed. So I raced to Yoshi’s Super-Shop (Yoshi himself doesn’t own it, we just seem call things after him for some reason! :P) and yep, the thing that everyone doesn’t want to happen did happen. The usual brand I swore by before was missing. I could have gone to the local coffee shop but hell, i wanted to save money! Anyway, there were only two available at the time and as I’m a coffee addict I had to choose one. So I had to choose between either Ground Pound or Flutter Jump Coffee (I swear most of the stuff we Yoshi’s make are named after stuff we do most of the time!) and well, the rest is history. So when you reach out for your favourite coffee, remember that everyone has their own preference and maybe you should try it for yourself too! XD