Its been a while! NiceGuys Egg Talk: Oh look… an ad!

Its been a while! NiceGuys Egg Talk: Oh look… an ad!

Heloshi everyone! After a long hiatus, The Nicest Yoshi in Yoshi’s Island is back! This time, im going to talk about different things with gaming being the main focus and here is NiceGuy’s Egg Talk, a new feature where I talk about many things to do with videogames. Ads in games, everyone just hates them, dont they? I cant say how many times ive angrily thrown a egg at my phone or tablet because an advert ALWAYS seems to want to play, stopping me from playing timewasters like Make More! or free games that have a ad banner creeping at the bottom, hopping that my finger accidentally presses it, forcing me to groan loudly as I rapidly press the tiny cross button.

You cant even play the first stage in the game without seeing an ad as soon as you finish it!

The main reason why im talking about ads in games though, is because Sega have pissed me off a great deal. Sonic CD, an awesome game for the Sega Mega Drive CD was ported to mobile and tablet by Christian Whitehead, who used to make great Sonic rom hacks before SEGA asked him and his team to port Sonic 1, 2 and CD on Android and IOS, was a game that i enjoyed playing on my ipod and ipad and it was worth the £2.99 that i paid for it. However imagine my consternation though when yesterday it needed updating. That should have raised alarm bells from the start but still, i updated it. Then i saw it, a pop up telling me how to disable ads and that i need to pay £1.50 to remove them. Yes, Sonic CD has now gone the way of many mobile games. A free game with ads all over the bloody place and in this case, only non Sega ads are removed, so you’ll still get ones that demand you download Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. I threw many Angry Eggs that day.

“So, i can save Yello? Okay, ill simply close this notification so this poor goldfish wont have to suffer through another game ad!” – A random Yoshi

My point in all this is just trying to find out why does “free” mean “plaster ads everywhere and annoy everyone whos trying to play this new game we’ve released?” and why Sega decided to ruin a game that was perfectly fine with being one you pay for? (I must note that Sonic 1 and 2 are still paid games on the Android and IOS store.) I understand that indie companies use ads in games so they can keep their futures afloat, but its when big company’s just put ads in games for no reason where I cross the line. After all, why should a triple-a company need to use ads to generate revenue? Do ads show up like Goombas in Dokkan Battle, Bandai Namco’s Dragonball Z based card brawler? If that was the case, an ad for Dragon City would show up every time I facepalm after seeing a SR Yamcha. It seems that ads are unfortunately present everywhere these days and maybe its a sign that console and handheld games will always be the best games to play. Maybe that’s why i tend to play my Vita these days or hoping that Sonic Mania restores my faith in Sega but that’s for another day.

Well, i can only say sorry for the long absence but now, im back to drink Flutter Jump Coffee and hopefully spread the word about gaming from the eyes of the Nicest Yoshi to ever grace Yoshi’s Island!


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