The return of the HyperBlog: Trading Card Dragonite

The return of the HyperBlog: Trading Card Dragonite

Hullo! Hyperpulse here! Don’t worry, NiceGuy will still make blogs in TheNiceBlogger but he thought that since I used to make Pokemon blogs, it’s about time this Dragonite made a comeback! Here in my cave that is far away from any surfing route (thank Arceus!) I tend to look back at all the great Pokemon games that were made because not only is it a great way to hide from those annoying Trainers, but I will always have fond memories playing them when I was just a Dratini.

One such game is the Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy.


Release Dates:

Japan: December 18th 1998

North America: April 10th 2000

Australia: April 7th 2000

Europe: December 15th 2000

Based after the successful Trading Card Game of the same name, this Game Boy Colour game tried as best as it could to provide the same kind of experience. The aim of the game is simple: Defeat all 8 Club Masters that are positioned throughout the world to gain access to the Pokemon Dome where you then have to defeat the four Grand Masters in order to inherit the four legendary Pokemon cards. While the game follows the rules of the popular Trading Card Game, the main part of the game is spent visiting each Club Dome and battling NPC’s in order to build up different decks as the starter deck you are given will not be enough to complete the game with so making sure you have a well rounded deck will be essential as you will probably struggle against some opponents because of how random battles can get. You see, while this game gets things right like the game rules, including a good selection of cards to collect and being able to battle and trade cards with other people via a link cable, it didn’t do a good job of making conditions like coin flipping seem fair, as sometimes you can get really lucky and then you can just keep losing out or the opponent can get really lucky, TOO lucky in fact.

maxresdefault (3)

In spite of the RNG (Random Number Generator) fiasco this is a enjoyable game as long as you play it in bursts because its easy to get really annoyed at some cheap losses and then you end up unleashing a Dragon Pulse which only results in buying more furniture. (Or was I the only one to do that? Most probably.) If you’re looking to complete this game then its also best to grind for cards and use the Auto Deck Machines in order to get a good deck prepared.

Ah. Its great to be writing Pokemon Blogs again. I’m glad NiceGuy was able to convince me even after I said Mount Chimney would have to freeze first. I look forward to writing even more about Pokemon so till then, I’ve got to Fly! xD




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