NiceGuy Island?! A Yoshi’s insight to Minecraft!

NiceGuy Island?! A Yoshi’s insight to Minecraft!

Hel-Yoshi again everyone! I’m back to talk about games from the comfort of my chair while drinking Flutter Jump branded coffee and of course, making sure that you guys have something Yoshirific to read!

Minecraft. That one word can either make people scream “All right!” or make them go “ugh, not THAT game again”. No matter your position, you cannot doubt for one second that Minecraft has made an impact. From its humble beginnings as a playable beta on PC to global console domination as the long awaited Wii U edition has now been cleared for take-off.The reason why Minecraft appeals to kids and adults alike is because of how much you’re able to do on it. If you’re someone who wants to build a marvellous structure with unlimited resources and have full control of the world you’re in, then Creative Mode is for you. However if you want to create an epic journey where you live off the land, fend off Creepers (I hate them! Every time I see one moving towards me I jump! :P) traverse deadly caves and (gulp!) enter The Nether in order to survive, then Survival mode is where its at. Also there’s a lot of multi-player options available now too as while getting together with a group of friends and building your own world together is fun, playing Skywars, Hypixel and even Pixelmon is just as awesome if you think about it!

You can make some awesome stuff in Minecraft. Its up to the imagination of course but still, some people are able to make some brilliant masterpieces just like this! (I didn’t make this, I still have a ways to go when it comes to building! :P)

While we are on the subject of Pixelmon, mods are another great reason why people play Minecraft as they help add to the experience. Take me for example as i like playing Minecraft and now that i finally have the PC version (I would have got it earlier but i ended up getting the console version instead! :P) i have been looking for all sorts of mods that seem useful like a mini map as well, its WAY easier that having to keep looking at the map isnt it?  Also there tends to be mods that add more to the game by adding more tools and weapons to use, more enemy mobs to fight and of course furniture that you can use to make your home that little bit Nicer. (Sorry, I had to! XD) You see the reason why Minecraft is so popular is because the player is given freedom to play Minecraft the way they want to.

Pixelmon. A mod that combines Minecraft and Pokemon and does it well! Why wouldn’t you want to fly across the map on a Dragonite? Reminds me of a Dragonite who used to blog about Pokemon. What was his name again? Hyper… Pulse? Yes, that’s it! Maybe one day he’ll make a comeback? XD

I understand that some people don’t like Minecraft because of the way it looks, the fact that its spread out onto almost every device that can play games or that so many people are playing it right now but like I said earlier, Minecraft has risen to become such a gaming giant in the videogames industry and now that its been proven to be a valuable tool to help kids in Geography classes and those with learning disabilities, it deserves to be one in my eyes.


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