Racing into view! Ridge Racer Type 4

Racing into view! Ridge Racer Type 4

Argh! Why I oughta… Hey everyone, unfortunately you came here at a bad time as my driver application for the Green Egg Racing Team has been denied. As I don’t think you all want to hear Yoshi swear words I think it’s best to just talk about a racing game that I loved playing all the time when I was younger and that’s Ridge Racer Type 4! Now this was a racing game! It may have not been as good as Gran Turismo but if you wanted some arcade racing action instead of simulation racing then this is the game for you. Like the other Ridge Racer games before it, its focus is fast paced arcade style racing, where the cars are flung around the corners and in order to win its necessary to keep a high level of speed in order to catch up with the rest of the pack. Unlike the other Ridge Racers before it, Type 4 adds more cars and tracks and is more enjoyable as a result. The main mode of the game is Grand Prix mode where the aim is to clear a series of races with each one requiring you to at least reach a certain position before finishing the race. Before you start you must choose a team to race in, each having their own difficulty level and a car manufacturer, with each car performing differently as well as having a certain driving style. The two styles are Grip and Drift, with Grip the car has better handling around corners but has a slower top speed whereas Drift cars have the highest top speed but tend to drift into the corner, requiring more precise movements in order to retain control.

maxresdefault (1)

The courses tend to vary in difficulty, with the first course being easy to navigate and the penultimate course in my option being the hardest and one i really hate as a result. (What did you expect, its called Heaven and Hell! XD) While some courses tend to be variants of another, expect to navigate around some tight corners and the opposition bearing down on you if you slip up on a tough corner. I remember almost screaming when i saw another car that was right up close when i turned on the First Person View once! (Why isn’t there a First Yoshi View? I need to start a petition! :P) One of my favourites is Out Of Blue, a variation on the first course Helter Skelter with trickier corners while still being enjoyable to drive on as well as Phantomile, (A reference to another Namco game, Kolona!) a short course with tight turns where some skill is needed in order to break the course record. While I find this mode to be enjoyable, it can feel samey at times, especially as in order to unlock all the cars you have to complete multiple playthroughs of the Grand Prix so while its a great mode its best to play it in bursts. There are also Time Trial and Versus mode as well as a hidden Extra Race mode where you can race against a secret car in order to unlock them. Ive always liked seeing what new crazy car ideas Namco can come up with next! Lastly, the songs are just as good, bringing a chilled out vibe with Pearl Blue Soul and Motor Species creating a intense feeling, especially when you play it in Phantomile.


Overall Ridge Racer Type 4 is a great game and while it isn’t as good as say Gran Turismo, its still an enjoyable racing game which I still play today and I’ll happily recommend it to anyone and now you can download it on the PlayStation Store, there isn’t a better time to say Riiiiidddgggeeee Raaacccceeerrrr!!! ^_^




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