Its Amiibo time? A NiceGuy look into Amiibo

Its Amiibo time? A NiceGuy look into Amiibo

Sup everyone! The NiceGuy is here once again drinking the finest coffee brewed from Yoshi’s Island and this time I want to talk about Amiibos, you know, those little toys you can use to play different Wii U games with.

Ah, the Amiibo. Who would have thought an idea from Nintendo that happened to blossom up so they could try and take a bite out of the collectible videogame-toy pie would be a good idea? Take me for example, I didn’t think much of them at first but then as Super Smash Bros Wii U was gaining momentum, the Smash Amiibos were announced and then all it took was a Yoshi Amiibo to make me act like that common Philip J. Fry meme. (You know, “Shut up and take my money”? XD) You probably want to know where I am going with this, don’t you? Well, its simple as while the Amiibos themselves are hot with collectors right now they also have something that the Skylanders and Disney Infinity toys don’t and that is the ability to be used with other games that aren’t from their own series.

What makes designing levels in Super Mario Maker more awesome? Knowing that you can use almost every Amiibo available to this date on it! I’m also pretty sure Nintendo will issue an update for the newer Amiibo coming out too.

Of course, those two are selling like crazy  as the Skylanders toys capitalises on the “Parent Factor” and the Disney toys not only capitalises on that but adds a little more Imagination to the Infinity series as well but the Amiibo do have an edge I think as not only do kids want them but adults do as well. Whoops, while I was giving the other two their place in the sun I almost forgot about the Amiibo’s party piece then! Anyway, the great thing about them is that any Amiibo, (as of this moment anyway,) can be used in a game that supports multiple Amiibo like Super Mario Maker for example so if you’re the type of person who’s been wanting to create a killer Super Mario Level starring Sonic, then you’re in luck.

It was to be expected that the best selling game in Yoshi’s Island right now would have full Amiibo compatibility as well, King Dedede Yoshi just looks so darn adorable doesn’t it?

Of course the only games that have full Amiibo support right now are Super Mario Maker, Animal Crossing  Amiibo Festival and of course, Yoshis Woolly World but I expect Nintendo will be making more games that have Amiibo compatibility in some way even on the NX as they would have to be crazy to drop a cash generator like this so early. I may only have three Amiibo right now but rest assured: if a Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibo turns up at the right price, I will be Ground Pounding my way straight to it!

Mega Yarn Yoshi Toy_thumb
One day… You will be mine, I know it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post written by someone who is really passionate about videogames. If you have any questions, queries or Amiibo related talk, please comment or let me know via Twitter. This is The NiceGuy, one of the best bloggers from Yoshi’s Island, signing out for now! ^_^


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