Pokemon Egg Green: A Yoshi’s tale about Pokemon

Pokemon Egg Green: A Yoshi’s tale about Pokemon

Ah Pokemon. Im sure that almost everyone who has owned a handheld Nintendo console would have played a Pokemon game at some point. My first experience with Pokemon was playing Pokemon Yellow as a young Yoshi and while it was difficult due to having to start with a Pikachu and having to grind to order to defeat Brock as Electric Types don’t do well against Rock types, it was still a really great game and while I may be older now I still play Pokemon games because well, they are simply Yoshirific!

Pokemon Yellow was similar to Red and Blue but was different as it not only allowed the player to have Pikachu as their starter Pokemon but at different parts of the game allowed the player to have to starter Pokemon too. Also as a neat little touch you had to battle Jesse and James from the Pokemon Anime at certain parts as well!

As Pokemon Z looms over the horizon I cant help but look back at all my Pokemon experiences: Exploring each region and getting exited every time I found a new route or town, despairing every time I entered a cave in case i get swarmed by Zubats, jumping with delight when I find a shiny Pokemon, despairing when I had to let that shiny Wobbuffet go, throwing eggs everywhere in anger when I kept losing to a certain Gym Leader or Elite Four Member and throwing eggs everywhere in celebration when I finally beat them. While everyone’s experiences while playing Pokemon is different from one another’s, we can all agree that Pokemon has made a big impact in handheld gaming and that its well deserved for a game series that still improves over time, like a fine wine that improves with age.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy Colour not only played like the popular Trading Card Game series but allowed two people to battle each other using a link cable and by using the handy Card Pop feature you could even get a new card too!

Sure many spin-offs have been developed as well as its expected for a franchise that’s as big as Pokemon and of course there are duds like Hey You, Pikachu? (Weird name huh? XD), Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Dash but at least there were enjoyable ones like the Pokemon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Colour, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Rumble and so on but even after 19 years, Pokemon remains in peoples hearts to this day and it isnt hard to see why. Take me for example, someone who still gets excited over each newly released Pokemon game as it means there will be new Pokemon to discover, new places to explore and of course new Gyms and Elite Four members to battle and that also means ill be reading eggs for throwing in anger/celebration. There will be a time where we will fully know about the next Pokemon game that will be flying its way to every major retailer and of course we will end up telling Nintendo to “Shut up and take our money” because even though its certain to be the spin off to Pokemon X and Y, it’ll still be a new Pokemon game that kids and adults alike will love playing as Pokemon is a game series that transcends age, race and culture and if that isn’t a winner to me, then I don’t know what is.

Pokemon X and Y not only proved that Pokemon games can still make an impact but also signified its jump to the 3DS with improved visuals, better battle animations and a great new Region to explore in the Kalos Region as well.

I sure hope you enjoyed reading this blog from a guy who just wanted to talk about a game series that he has loved for many years and remember, you can always comment on this blog if you have any questions or just want to reminisce about Pokemon too! Also, remember that I’m on Twitter too, just click on my username: @a_morris0123! Thanks for reading this blog and stay tuned for my next blog! (which hopefully, wont take as long this time! ^_^)


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