Quests, loot, permadeath?! Roguelikes explained, NiceGuy Style!

Quests, loot, permadeath?! Roguelikes explained, NiceGuy Style!

Sorry for not posting any blogs for a week (blame catching a cold and not having a schedule for that! :P) but don’t worry, as the jumper wearing Yoshi is back to tell you all about Roguelikes! Not content with being a normal RPG, Roguelikes add to the challenge by throwing in randomly generated areas and dungeons and of course permadeath, where death is punished by literally having to start the game all over again, even if you saved the game before Death City happened to get a new resident. What’s the point of making the game more difficult for the player some of you may cry? Well, its simply because people love playing games that pose a challenge and as Roguelikes tend to be more difficult than a standard RPG, people will strive to complete them, plain and simple.

So, lets Flutter Jump into the first known Roguelike shall we? Rogue was developed by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman, was ported to to lot of home computers from Unix to the ZX Spectrum and is the first game to be classed as a Roguelike. The story was simple too, as you were an adventurer tasked with fighting your way to the bottom of a dungeon to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and then making your way back through the dungeon to escape. It was well received and paved the way for other Roguelikes and even influenced the Diablo series too!

maxresdefault (23)
Rogue is classed as the first Roguelike game is the inspiration for many others too.

Now lets look at what you can expect to see in a Roguelike. Expect every level or floor to be different than the other, items that can heal you in one play-through and can poison you in another and turn based combat meaning that every action must be considered as using items, moving around and interacting with objects can leave you vulnerable. Also, many Roguelikes tend to have a stamina system where the player will have to find and eat food in order to survive and of course, every Roguelike has permadeath which is self explanatory really isnt it? Rogue-lites also exist as well which are best described as watered down versions which keep some of the features like randomly generated locations but will usually drop permadeath and can also feature real time combat as well.

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series proves that any franchise can become a Rougelike or Rouge-lite, after all there’s even a Chocobo Rogue-like series!

Overall, Roguelikes are great games to play as long as you have the patience to carry on after a foolish death and are prepared to not make the same mistake next time. While I enjoy reading about them, I don’t really play many Roguelikes as knowing me, something will probably have an egg thrown at it and that could cause damage. Stay tuned for the next blog post which hopefully will be soon so until next time, I will be chasing Shy Guys for now! 😀


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