Opening the Toolbox: A NiceGuy look into Super Mario Maker

Opening the Toolbox: A NiceGuy look into Super Mario Maker

Ah, Super Mario Maker. This is a game that completely took me by surprise when it was first revealed because of how much freedom Nintendo was prepared to give the player. From stacking enemies on top of each other, standard items like wings and the super mushroom giving the player more options when creating a level and the excellent idea of the mystery mushroom that not only allows Mario to transform into different characters but almost every Amiibo available being compatible too, it was bound to be a sure fire hit.

Now that I have been able to buy the game I can not only create my own levels, (I would upload the level that I made but it needs expanding first! :P) I can now test my skills at 100 Mario Challenge and see the crazy creations that other people have made. However, while I am willing to jump down the rabbit hole that is the 100 Mario Challenge, I want to get better at playing Mario games before I try the harder difficulty setting as right now I seem to only clear levels after losing like a dozen lives! Dont get me wrong, I am good at Platformers as I graduated from Platformer University playing Rayman, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon but as I have only started to play the Mario games I missed out on when I was young I have yet to get used to way the console Mario games play.


Back on topic, this was a really great move by Nintendo as it not only gives you another reason to fire up the old Wii U, but it makes you think: Will Nintendo create MORE Makers in the future? I for one really do hope that they will and while it doesn’t seem like a possibility, I will really be hoping that a Yoshi Maker will be released one day! My fanaticism aside, it proves that Nintendo are willing to trust the player enough to give them freedom in designing their own levels and that’s why I think Super Mario Maker is doing so well because even-though most of the tools are available from the start you can still make good enough levels that can be challenging. For example, I watched a Twitch streamer create his own level using the basic tools and it took him almost two hours to complete it and that’s why even though some user made levels seem really daunting, you can only upload levels after you are able to complete them yourself so when you find yourself really struggling on someone level, just remember the creator had to struggle through it too.


Overall, Super Mario Maker is a great game that i really enjoy playing and as time goes by it will get even better as more people will play it and even more levels will be created. Finally, I really think more games should include the full Amiibo collection like this game and Yoshi’s Woolly World as the more games that I can use my Yoshi Amiibo on, the better! XD