Its been a while! NiceGuys Egg Talk: Oh look… an ad!

Heloshi everyone! After a long hiatus, The Nicest Yoshi in Yoshi’s Island is back! This time, im going to talk about different things with gaming being the main focus and here is NiceGuy’s Egg Talk, a new feature where I talk about many things to do with videogames. Ads in games, everyone just hates them, dont they? I cant say how many times ive angrily thrown a egg at my phone or tablet because an advert ALWAYS seems to want to play, stopping me from playing timewasters like Make More! or free games that have a ad banner creeping at the bottom, hopping that my finger accidentally presses it, forcing me to groan loudly as I rapidly press the tiny cross button. Continue reading

The return of the HyperBlog: Trading Card Dragonite

Hullo! Hyperpulse here! Don’t worry, NiceGuy will still make blogs in TheNiceBlogger but he thought that since I used to make Pokemon blogs, it’s about time this Dragonite made a comeback! Here in my cave that is far away from any surfing route (thank Arceus!) I tend to look back at all the great Pokemon games that were made because not only is it a great way to hide from those annoying Trainers, but I will always have fond memories playing them when I was just a Dratini. Continue reading